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Looking for new content for your brand?

Belle & Co will create this for you! We will provide an entire production: styling, shoot location, photoshoot, video, editing and more! 

You want this, baby!

We will create your amazing content 

We love to shoot and we love each other. Elize the greenfluencer and model, Geert the photographer: what more do we need to say? 
Geert and Elize are a love couple and they work together as a model-photographer duo. They love making beautiful content and working in perfect harmony. Their content company is called: Belle & Co.

They are firework, confetti and the best in their profession. Elize is experienced as a professional international model and influencer and Geert is the most amazing photographer with all his camera's, lights and equipment. 
Their unique selling point: Belle & Co does it all.  They provide their own concept, styling, make-up and shoot locations. Isn't that amazing: you can book everything in one package.

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