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Just one planet

We have only one planet, so sustainable is the only way. In all my photoshoots I want to keep that in mind. This is why Elize Been, my (business-) partner and myself, only work with sustainable brands in a sustainable way. We like to work close to home to cut travel emissions, in fact we mostly work in our own studio at home. For lifestyle shoots, we prefer our own city, Utrecht, where we can travel by bike. It’s healthier and more fun! The clothes worn should be produced in a manner not harmful to the people producing them or to the environment. 


Being an independent photographer, I am lucky to be able to choose which jobs I take on. And I want to make clear choices: I want to work together with companies and people who work towards a brighter, greener future. I believe in every little thing we do, we can make a difference. 

- Geert Gordijn

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