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Geert Gordijn

Give me a moment of your time, and the time to freeze the moment adequately.


I love analog photography because it creates a bond between subject and photographer, between you and me. We have to actively share in the moment, you have to wait for me as I have to wait for you. For you to become at ease with the pose I am asking you to take. And to hold while I go through all the old fashioned workings: metering the light for the exposure, focussing the lens of my Hasselblad. The result is not instant, we both get to anticipate it for several days. 


A journalist by training, I have become intrigued by what makes a person. What goes on inside him and how much of it he is willing to show, or unable to hide. Always good with words, I have grown more and more silent over the years as I realised that some sensations are just impossible to capture in the 26 letters the alphabet offers us. Learning to speak a different language, I invite you to speak with me in split-seconds. To show yourself, or try to hide.

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