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A photo for a pair of shoes.

Crawford is a homeless street artist in Cape Town. In the daytime he resides on his bench at the Sea Point Promenade. He tried to sell me one of his paintings. I hesitated. He told me he could do without the money if I got him some clothes, some shoes maybe. Next day I brought him my old running shoes, in return I asked to take his picture.

The girlfriend

Humans are a part of nature.

And yet they also stand out from it. Elize wore this beautiful white robe in the sand dunes of Atlantis near Cape Town, South Africa. When we passed the bush that was waving in the wind, I asked her to pose as though she were part of it. She is, but of course at the same time: she isn't.


"I look like the Godfather."

Harm Jan's first reaction to this picture from a big portrait shoot we did with the Hasselblad and beautiful Kodak Tri X-film. The only minor complaint he had was that his eyes seem to be squinting a bit. I don't mind it too much, it seems to fit the mood of a man staring into the distance, pondering and relaxing at the same time.

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